Randy’s last Waco History Podcast

Randy is leaving Waco and the Waco History Podcast. He and Stephen talk about their favorite episodes, memories, and guests from years past. The Waco History podcast will live on! Stephen is sticking around and the show is joining the Rogue Media Network.

Randy's goodbye to Waco

Very soon, the family and I will be moving for Waco to Northwest Arkansas. This wasn’t a decision we came to lightly, but COVID has shown us that being near family is most important. It’s especially evident when I see my cute little nephew and wish my kids could grow up with their cousin. 

I came here 6 years ago without a job or friends. We came here for Lauren’s job and I stumbled my way into work with 360 Solutions and later TFNB Your Bank For Life. Both places have taught me a lot and helped hone my passions. I’ve been lucky to work for people that welcomed and encouraged my creativity. Along the way, I’ve worked with truly talented coworkers that I consider great friends. 

I’ve felt embraced by the community and encouraged to contribute where I could. My favorite project has been the Waco History Podcast with Dr. Sloan. Growing up, I knew my great grandfather had made his mark on Waco nearly 100 years ago, and I’m thankful that I’ve been given a chance to make my small mark here too. Waco’s history is rich – full of ups and downs – and I’m excited that the show I helped start is going to continue on in the capable hands of Stephen and Rogue Media.

I’ve made friendships that I know will last long after I leave. My “Maverick Squad” friends accepted me immediately. We’ve shared laughs, helped each other through tough times, and most importantly grown closer by throwing dice in nerdy games. 

I’ve always tried to live by the idea that you should love where you live. I have no patience for people who complain about their community. The good news is: Waco is easy to love. It’s beautiful, rich in history, innovative, and full of great people. Waco, you will be missed. Thanks for 6 awesome years! 

About the Waco History Podcast

The Waco History Podcast is hosted by Dr. Stephen Sloan. Stephen heads the Oral History Institute at Baylor University. He’s authored several books and created and developed WacoHistory.org, a website and free mobile app for learning more about Waco’s history.

The Waco History Podcast,  telling the known and unknown stories of Waco’s past.


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