Prohibition in Waco: Live Podcast Recording

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For our second-ever live podcast recording, The Dr. Pepper Museum hosted us to talk about Prohibition in the South. The event kicked off their Prohibition exhibit: Spirited. Catch the exhibit until January 7th at the Dr. Pepper Museum.
We had two guests on this show: Dr. Joe Coker teaches in Baylor University’s Religion Department. He’s studied and written about Prohibition extensively. Pick up his book Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause: Southern White Evangelicals and the Prohibition Movement.
Andrew Anderson is the Front of House Manager at Balcones Distilling. He talks about the production of different alcohols, and tells us what life as a bartender would’ve looked like during Prohibition. 

About this podcast:

The Waco History Podcast is co-hosted by Randy Lane and Dr. Stephen Sloan. Randy Lane is the great-grandson of Waco architect Roy E. Lane. He’s also a former American Forces Network Radio DJ and is currently the host of the High Performance Leadership and Charity Champions Podcasts.
Stephen heads the Oral History Institute at Baylor University. He’s authored several books and created and developed, a website and free mobile app for learning more about Waco’s history.
Together they’re telling the known and unknown stories of Waco’s past.
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About the Waco History Podcast

The Waco History Podcast was started by Randy Lane and Dr. Stephen Sloan. Randy’s great-grandfather was a Roy E. Lane, a celebrated Waco architect. He’s responsible for designing the ALICO Building, Hippodrome, and other Waco landmarks. While searching through his own family history, he looked for a podcast about Waco’s history. When one didn’t exist, he sought out the perfect co-host to help him start one. That’s where Stephen comes in.

Dr. Stephen Sloan is in charge of the Institute for Oral History at Baylor University. He’s also a professor of history there. Stephen helped start, a website devoted to helping people find out more about the city’s past. Together, with a series of guests, they’re looking to tell Waco’s known and unknown stories. 

randy and stephen

Courtesy of the Waco Tribune-Herald

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