Hidden History of Waco

Eric S. Ames joins us again to talk about his new book, Hidden History of Waco. You may remember him from our tornado episode. We discuss stories from the book including the man with two tombs, one of the longest books every written, and the church built in a day!

You can find Eric’s book in bookstores near you and online.

We talked about an odd picture on the podcast. Eric wasn’t able to track down any more information on said picture, but if you know anything about it, get in touch!

Image courtesy Eric S. Ames, via the Lee Lockwood Library & Museum.

Brotherwell Brewing is the official craft beer of the Waco History Podcast. Check them out off of historic Bridge Street in East Waco!

About the Waco History Podcast

The Waco History Podcast is hosted by Dr. Stephen Sloan. Stephen heads the Oral History Institute at Baylor University. He’s authored several books and created and developed WacoHistory.org, a website and free mobile app for learning more about Waco’s history.

The Waco History Podcast,  telling the known and unknown stories of Waco’s past.


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Courtesy of the Waco Tribune-Herald

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