Haunted Waco 2: Ghost Hunting

On this episode, Haunted Waco, Part 2. On episode 5, Brad Turner laid the groundwork by telling us some of Waco’s most well-known supernatural stories. On this episode, Paranormal Investigator Cindy Little tells us about searching for ghosts in Waco.

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haunted couch

As promised in the podcast, here’s a picture of Waco’s infamous haunted couch. It lives at the Waco Consignment and Furniture Showroom on Highway 6 and Bosque Blvd. It’s been known to make cabinets and drawers open on their own and it causes cell phones and other electronics to go haywire.

About the Waco History Podcast

The Waco History Podcast is co-hosted by Randy Lane and Dr. Stephen Sloan. Randy Lane is the great-grandson of Waco architect Roy E. Lane. He’s also a former American Forces Network Radio DJ and is currently the host of the Charity Champions Podcast.

Stephen heads the Oral History Institute at Baylor University. He’s authored several books and created and developed WacoHistory.org, a website and free mobile app for learning more about Waco’s history.
Together they’re telling the known and unknown stories of Waco’s past.

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Album artwork courtesy of the Texas Collection.
randy and stephen

Courtesy of the Waco Tribune-Herald

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