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The White Primary

In this episode: Dr. Katherine K. Walters of the Texas State Historical Association tells us about the 100-year-old Waco court case that sparked civil rights

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Historic Waco Homes

iTunes Stitcher Google Play In this episode Dr. Ken Haftertepe takes us on a tour of Waco’s famous houses and lesser-known homes. Dr. H just

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The Waco Tornado

iTunes Stitcher Google Play In this episode In one afternoon, 114 people lost their lives and Downtown Waco’s skyline was forever changed. Eric Ames, Assistant

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Waco During the Civil War

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Dr. Robert Elder, Assistant Professor of History at Baylor University, joins us about life in Texas leading into the Civil War.

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Stephen on Downtown Depot

iTunes Stitcher Google Play On today’s episode, Stephen goes on Downtown Depot with Austin Meek. On our last podcast we did a collaboration with a couple

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Elvis in Waco

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Before Elvis was Elvis, Radio DJ Eddie Fadal befriended the entertainer. Elvis was stationed at Fort Hood in the late 50s.

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Haunted Waco 2: Ghost Hunting

iTunes Stitcher Google Play On this episode, Haunted Waco, Part 2. On episode 5, Brad Turner laid the groundwork by telling us some of Waco’s

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Waco During WWI

iTunes Stitcher Google Play On this episode: Waco during World War I, told by the people who lived through it. Stephen brings his co-worker, Steven

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Waco’s Hometown Hero: Doris Miller

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Randy and Stephen are joined by Dr. Mike Parrish to talk about Waco’s Hometown Hero: Doris Miller. Miller is best known

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What is the Waco History Podcast?

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Show Notes In this episode, Randy Lane and Dr. Stephen Sloan introduce themselves and talk about why they wanted to start