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How railroads shaped Waco

Railroad Historian Brad Linda tells us how Waco and surrounding communities grew along major rail lines. We talk specifically about the Cotton Belt Railroad that ran all the way from St. Louis to Gatesville.

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milton scott

Building Waco: Architect Milton Scott

Waco architect B.J. Greaves tells us about legendary architect Milton Scott. Scott created many well-know buildings during his career including the Dr Pepper Museum, First Baptist Church, and the Cooper House. He started his career in 1906 and kept working right up until he died in 1933. Many of Scott’s structures are still standing today.

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hidden history

Hidden History of Waco

Eric S. Ames joins us again to talk about his new book, Hidden History of Waco. You may remember him from our tornado episode. We discuss stories from the book including the man with two tombs, one of the longest books every written, and the church built in a day!

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